Apply to be featured on The Pitch Lab

Apply to be featured on The Pitch Lab

Get free advice on your pitch. Tell a better story to investors.

About the Podcast


The Pitch Lab is a podcast for startup founders who want to get funded.  Launching in June 2019, it’s hosted by Kevin Smith, The Story Architect who has done over 10,000 pitches and helps founders build great investor pitch stories.

Why a podcast?


We’ve found that the founders who most need help with their pitches aren’t able to pay for extensive pitch coaching.  We want to help as many founders as possible, so we are effectively going to help founders for free.. through the podcast.

How will the podcast work?


Each episode will feature 3 guest founders.  The founder will have 5 to 10 minutes to pitch and will then get live feedback from our host.  We’ll also have guest experts, angel investors, and other founders on the show to provide additional feedback. We’ll bring back founders to repitch from time to time to see how their story has evolved.  Our goal is to help the founders on the show build better pitches, and to help our listeners learn from real examples.

Isn’t this Shark Tank / Dragon’s Den / The Pitch, etc.?


This is different. We’re not looking for founders with polished pitches. We want founders who need help.  You’ll get valuable and frank feedback about what’s not working in your pitch and how to improve it.   And we think we’ll get more interesting stories. Hopefully, some of our guests will go on to pitch to a Shark or a Dragon.

What if I don’t want my idea to be public?


It’s a podcast. Everyone is going to hear it. If your idea really is confidential or there are patent issues that prevent you from talking about it publicly, don’t mention it on the podcast.  But keep in mind that your execution of an idea is far more valuable than the idea itself.



We’re not giving financial advice, we’re giving advice on how to tell your business story better.  We’re not valuation experts but we can give you an idea of how investors might react to valuations.  As well, no offers of investment are being made on the show or solicited from the listening audience.

When is it launching?


We are looking for guests now, and are targeting a launch in the month of June 2019.  We’ll be available where ever you get your podcasts.