Our Story


Kevin Smith, the Chief Story Architect, spent 14 years at a major tech firm in sales and enterprise marketing.  He had to do thousands of presentations and perfected a process to craft the perfect pitch. He specialized in using story and strong visual elements to craft and deliver powerful messages that get attention and get results.


He realized that this process could be adapted to all forms of communication for any company.  We have worked with dozens of startups and small businesses helping them craft their story, and execute their go to market plans.


Our customers get clarity on what their message is, who their clients are, how to position their products, and what marketing strategies they need to go to market.


It is our deep belief that all businesses should strive towards maximizing their social good.  We like working with social enterprises and startups who have a vision to making the world a better place.  And we will turn down clients whose products or services do more harm than good.


We produce for our customers a story blueprint, a guide book that helps them understand their clients pain points, unique value proposition, competitive differentiators, and key value statements. We provide powerful messaging that they can use for web copy, brochure copy, email statements, investor pitches, and any other communication vehicles.



The blueprint was developed from years of building powerful presentations and pitches.


Our team is passionate about one thing. Your Story.  Our goal is to help your product or service become the hero to your customers story.  Here’s a bit about our story.


Kevin Smith

Chief Story Architect

Kevin is the founder and Chief Story Architect of TheStoryArchitect.com. Prior to, he worked at Dell for 14+ years in enterprise sales and marketing where he built a process to bring the product story to life. He had a vision to provide starts up with coaching in the form unique and specialized marketing services. Kevin is also an educational facilitator, volunteer advisor and, a frequent speaker. When Kevin is not playing Chief, you can find him relaxing at his cottage.


Ryan Petrimoulx

Story Architect

Ryan is a Story Architect with an extensive background as a growth marketer and strategist with an expertise in the e-commerce space. As a consultant, Ryan uses his wealth of knowledge to help startups and SMES looking to effectively scale their business to reach that next level of success. When not plugging away at projects, you can find him ripping around the city’s bike lane & off-road trails or pursuing his education in TCM.

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Sera Deniz

Sales and Marketing Associate

Sera is our Sales and Marketing guru. She has a background in Marketing Strategy with a specialty in Event Management. She possesses a wide range of skills in everything from Public Relations, Market Research and Strategy, Digital Media to Creative Writing and Design. When she is not coordinating the next project, you'll find her at a yoga class or attending the next hottest event.


Mike Vanderlee

Sales Coach

Experienced channel development and direct sales executive with global experience.
Assisting organizations to drive increased revenue through planning, management and execution of successful Sales/Marketing/Program Development functions in targeting, recruiting, and engaging channel partners. Direct and Channel sales experience in Mobile, Wireless, Platform, SaaS and Installed Application and Systems Integration environments.

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