You May Be Experiencing Conversion Deficit Disorder.


What is CDD?

CDD or Conversion Deficit Disorder occurs when businesses struggle to attract customers through their marketing activities and fail to convert them to opt into the buying cycle.

How Do I Know?

You have conversion deficit disorder when you struggle to explain your story to customers.  You only have 7 seconds to get and keep a customer’s attention.

This leads to higher customer acquisition costs, wasted time on ineffective marketing campaigns, and a lack of revenue and growth that your startup or business needs to grow and thrive.

How Do I Treat It?

The solution to Conversion Deficit Disorder is a Story Blueprint.   A Story Blueprint helps you understand the right message that your customers need to hear quickly to get them into your conversion funnel.  

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We produce for our customers a story blueprint, a guide book that helps them understand their clients pain points, unique value proposition, competitive differentiators, and key value statements.

Phase 1: Discovery
40%In this phase we play detective. We run discovery workshops with your team. We run discovery calls with your customers. We review available market data. We analyze your competitors. At this stage we are learning your customers pain points, their buying journey, and how your product addresses their needs.
Phase 2: Creation
65%In this phase we play creative genius. We take all the data we've discovered and we run creative brainstorming exercises and design sprints to generate great ideas for branding, messaging, and taglines to help your story stand out.
Phase 3: Execution
95%In this phase we play strategist and tactician. We're taking your story and helping you execute on it. That could be helping build the story for your website and using testing to validate it works. It could be helping you to refine your marketing and sales materials. Or it could be helping you build and execute a go to market strategy for your customers.
The blueprint was developed from years of building powerful presentations and pitches. Over 10,000 to be exact. - Kevin Smith, Founder


Whatever stage your  startup is at, we have a service for you. 

Story Blueprint
GTM Strategy
Virtual Marketing Department
Use Case Stories
Buyer Persona Development
Sales Training & Acceleration
Pitch Coaching & Development


Meet our team of architects who are always ready to craft the next great story.

Kevin Smith
Chief Story Architect
Ryan Petrimoulx
Story Architect
Sera Deniz
Marketing Coordinator
We start with a story; end with results. We only succeed when you do. - The Story Architect Team
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